Specific support for project coordinators

Beyond a well-founded scientific plan, the preparation of a competitive project proposal requires a comprehensive work plan, convincing managerial leadership, and ultimately, a quality dissemination strategy. This is the reason for our emphasis on the timely initiation of the preparatory phase of the project.

The integral cooperation of our consultants at the conceptual phase allows us to develop a project proposal with a clearly structured plan for implementation and to precisely define the involvement of partners in the project, which are usually the key factors in the success of the project plan among international competition.

Our active support in coordination of the proposal preparation includes:

  • Participation in the formulation of scientific intent and analysis of the potential success of the project relative to the evaluation criteria of the selected financial mechanism.
  • Reaching and analysis of potential partners (selected by the client) for the implementation of the project plan and recommendation of suitable foreign partners based on our own international network.
  • Mediation of communication between project partners in the administrative tasks connected with the project proposal (administrative formalities and developing individual partner budgets)
  • Thematic consultation on the content, on various activities of the project plan and on the composition of the consortium and its extent.