european institutions

European Parliament

European Council

European Commission

Court of Justice of the EU

European Court of Auditors

European ombudsman

European Data Protection Supervisor


Financial Bodies

European Central Bank

European Investment Bank


Advisory Bodies

European Economic and Social Committee

European Committe of the Regions


Interinstitutional organisations

EU Personnel Selection Office


Decentralized Bodies of the EU Agency

Agencies and other EU bodies

EU Foreign and Security Policy


Structural Funds

General Information

EU Regional policy

Directorate-General for Regional and Urban Policy 

Basic information on ESIF


Horizon 2020

General Information

H2020  on EC website

Participant portal for research and innovation

CORDIS - database of EU-fuded research and innovation projects since 1990

European Research Council



H2020 Initiatives

European Technological platforms

Research infrastructures

European Institute of Innovation and Technology


Institutions, organisations and networks involved in Research and Development

Research portal of the European Commission

European Commission Directorate-General for Research

    European Research Area


Other financial programmes

General Information

COST - European Cooperation in Science and Technology


EEA and Norway Grants


British Council

RCSC - Research Fund for Coal and Steel

European Science Foundation

Environment -LIFE Programme

Public Health

3rd Health Programme

Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

Consumer Programme


Internal Security Fund - Borders

Internal Security Fund - Police

Justice Programme

Promotion of Agricultural Products

Research Fund for Coal & Steel

Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme


Fund Providers

Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade

Czech Ministry of Regional Development

Czech Ministry of Environment

Czech Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Czech Ministry of Transport



Funding Agencies

Czech Science Foundation

Research Funding at Charles University

Czech Health Research Council

Technology Agency of the Czech Republic


Connected Links - Czech Republic

Section of the Deputy Prime MInister for the Research Science and Innovation

Věda - Science


Civic association Econnect

Technology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Research, Development and Innovation Council of the Czech Government

Association of Research Organizations

CZELO - Czech Liaison Office for Research, Development and Innovation - independent information on science and research - the Czech ERA Portal

NINET - Czech National Information Network for EU Research Programmes

Industrial Property Office 


National Contact Centre for Gender & Science

Czech  Soceity for New Materials and Technologies

The Czech Association of Scientific and Technical Societies



European University Association (EUA)

League of European Research Universities (LERU)

National Science Foundation

TAFTIE (The European Network of Innovation Agencies)

European Institute of Innovation and Technology 

European Research Council