Administration and management of a project

The project realization is as important to us as to the beneficiary organization. In this respect, the main activity of our company is the direct support of the client’s research team in the administration and management of project proposals which have been accepted for funding.

Our cooperation during the project implementation is our guarantee of the feasibility for our proposed implementation plan. Thanks to our years of experience, we are also able to avoid administrative problems in the implementation of grant projects under the rules of certain providers.

Our services portfolio complements the existing capacities of the research facility, freeing up capacity of researchers to tackle projects, and organizations are not forced to hire new human resources for administrative implementation of grant projects. In this regard, we offer a range of complementary services; the spectrum is adjusted according to the individual needs of a particular project and client organization:

  • Active support of project administration, specifically the preparation of interim and final reports, including technical documents; before-output financial control; cooperation with the external auditor in preparing financial reports for project implementation; the technical realization of promotional materials and informational events associated with the project.
  • Comprehensive endowment management within the client organization and direct communication with the relevant financial authorities within and outside the organization, where appropriate, with representatives of the financial mechanism during the control of implementation.
  • Optimization of project management within the client organization and supervision of the compliance of administrative activities associated within project implementation on partner sites within the rules of the grant program.
  • Effective dissemination of information relating to the management and administration of the project to the authorized representative of the coordinating workplace, as well as to other members of the project consortium.