About us

We specialize in providing consulting services for the formulation, preparation and administration of international research and innovative scientific projects as well as projects funded by the EU Structural funds which are focused on innovation and R&D. Our company was founded in 2004 as a response to the increased demand for financial resources of the EU by domestic, public and private research organisations and other subjects.

We have gained experience with Community funding thanks to the cooperation with Czech and foreign R&D leaders and also in the direct liaison with the European Commission staff (see Experience and Collaboration).

Our goal

Our goal is to expand the number of organizations that are successful in preparing, managing and administrating projects funded by the EU. We meet this goal through individual cooperation with our clients. In particular, we cooperate with economic, research and administrative departments to define the administrative tasks. Through effectively linking these departments, we facilitate the administrative tasks in the management of projects and minimize the risk of financial losses for the investigator’s organisation.