Active support for proposal compilation

In cooperation with the project coordinator, our team transforms the initial scientific idea into a well-structured proposal, including a suitable management model for the project. Together with the consortium, we fine-tune the proposal into the final version for submission.

We also provide professional guidance during the preparation of the chapters which are focused on the implementation plan and the relevance of the research topic in relation to the objectives of EU policies. Finally, we evaluate the suitability of the project with regard to the clear definition of the horizontal themes of particular funding schemes.

Our services offered under this heading include the following activities:

  • Participation in coordination meetings of clients associated with the preparation of project proposal and their administrative and formal arrangement.
  • Cooperation on the content of key texts within the project proposal, formal text editing and proofreading when the proposal is being submitted in a language other than Czech.
  • Comprehensive oversight of the format of a project proposal according to criteria published by the international contract authority.
  • Compilation of analytical annexes for the project proposal (e.g. Feasibility studies, market analysis, cost-benefit analysis, financial analysis and evaluation of the economic sustainability).
  • Support of the mandatory annexes for the project proposal and supervision of their formal processing, including the development of time schedule of their delivery.
  • Preparation of pre-project partnership contracts and their finalization according to comments of the partners and representatives of the financial mechanism.
  • Submission of a complete project proposal through dedicated electronic tools and mechanisms of the governing body of the relevant program.