Karolína Řípová, Ph.D.

Director and manager

Mgr. Karolína Řípová, Ph.D. graduated from Charles University in Prague, where she earned Master's degree in molecular biology at the Faculty of Science and subsequently a doctoral degree at the Faculty of Social Sciences, where she focused on the issue of research and innovation policies. She has been professionally involved in the preparation of project proposals and in the management and administration of international projects for more than fifteen years. She acquired professional experience both in international research organizations abroad such as the Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres and in preparation of project applications submitted to international and national finance providers. Karolína has established herself successfully in a range of international projects focused on support of innovation. In a long-term view, she is professionally engaged in the issues of research ethics, effective communication of research results and strategic decision-making on the level of public policies.

Radek Novotný, Ph.D.

Specialist on IT and digital communication

Radek Novotný graduated from Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology at University of Forestry and Wood Sciences and Technology in Zvolen with follow-up doctoral study at Technical University in Zvolen. He has experience in managing and implementation of projects of public administration and self-government, civil society in the field of development of rural and adventure tourism, education (cultural and historical heritage, MAP-II) and local development (LAG projects). He has worked in more than 30 different international projects in the field of innovation promotion by the public sector (reginal innovation agencies). Between years 2007 and 2016 he was a member of the Monitoring Committee of OP RDI for the Council of Government for NGOs, at the same time he was also an evaluator of PO3 projects, call 1.3 OP RDI. He is professionally engaged in the issue of grants since 1996. He is currently focusing on the possibilities of introducing 3D printing into primary and secondary schools.

Mgr. Markéta Novotná

International Project Consultant

Mgr. Markéta Novotná graduated from the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University in Prague, branch: European studies. This branch focuses on the functioning of the EU, its institutions, and individual policies. During her studies, she also attended the School of Management of Bath University in Great Britain. Following her studies, she completed a one year internship at the French non-profit organization ALDESS which deals with local development. At GRANT Garant s.r.o., she is responsible for the preparation of project proposals, their management, and related administration. These projects are funded from the various operating programs of the Structural Funds and the EEA Financial Mechanism and Norwegian Financial Mechanism.

Ing. Helena Veselá

External specialist for the issues of strategic innovation and  transfer of technologies

Helena Veselá is a graduate of the University of Economics in Prague, focusing on strategic management and management of innovations in companies. Following her graduation, she participated in the transfer of technology within the Technical University of Ostrava, and then went on to a similar position to the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique in France, where she worked in the position of a transfer specialist for over 8 years and has successfully led to market more than 20 innovations created within the centre. In addition to extensive experience with the preparation of grant and patent applications, Helena also has experience in managing and reporting international research projects. Helena works for the company as an external collaborator and focuses primarily on the consultation of innovative project applications, projects connected with the social responsibility within research and development, and on investment projects related to building research infrastructures.

Ing. Jiří Fiala

External specialist for the issues of energy efficiency and sustainable development

Jiří Fiala graduated from the University of Economics Prague and Brno University of Technology. His long-term activities are focused on the issues of energy efficiency, energy management and related environmental issues from the point of view of global economy. Jiří has a long history of participation in projects that border the academic and private spheres. He acquired much of his professional experience at prestigious foreign workplaces such as the Technical Research Centre of Finland and Foschung-Zentrum Juellich (Germany). He has been regularly published in specialized national and international impact magazines. At GRANT Garant, he works as an external specialist for research and coordination projects focused on environment and energy. In addition to his university degree, Jiří is the holder of a wide range of professional awards and certifications (including PRINCE certification and authorization for the processing of energy audits) and he is currently completing an MBA study program.

Ing. Petr Vlasák, Ph.D.

External specialist for the issues of sustainale development of cities and e-mobility

Petr Vlasák graduated from the Czech Technical University in Prague with a follow-up doctoral study at the University of Heidelberg, where he received his doctoral degree.  Professionally, he focuses mainly on sustainable architecture and urban planning (alongside other professional certifications, he is a holder of SBTool certificate). Due to his foreign engagement, he brings an international perspective into the project preparation and is usually able to recommend the best foreign partners for emerging consortia. In addition to his academic career, Petr is a successful founder of a technological startup, whose patented know-how has been taken over by a multinational corporation (Algilent Technologies), which further commercially uses it. Within the company GRANT Garant, Petr acts as an external specialist for research and coordination projects focused on architecture and the sustainable development of cities and settlement areas.

Mgr. Eva Peterková

External specialist for the issues of healthcare and biotechnologies

Eva Peterková graduated from the Faculty of Science, Charles University with a focus on biotechnology applications for the care of patients suffering from neoplastic diseases. Her student work received a number of awards, which motivated Eva to go abroad – specifically to the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, where she currently has a PhD student position. As part of her master's degree, Eva participated in the commercialisation of a new diagnostic process within her laboratory, with the resulting diagnostic product becoming a successful part of Bio-Rad's sales portfolio. In view of her practical experience with commercialisation, Eva provides clients with consultancy in the field of technology transfer and strategic management of innovations in the field of biotechnology. Within the company, Eva operates in the position of external client advisor, with a dominant focus on biotechnology and health technologies in general.

Štěpánka Smolíková

team assistant

Štěpánka Smolíková is a student of Law faculty of Charles University. In GRANT Garant, she is responsible for maintaining office every-day agenda and administrative support of the company. She obtained her professional experience in the administrative field in international law firm as assisstant to managing attorneys-at-law.