Other services

In addition to direct project management support, we offer our clients a wide range of complementary services related to the project.

These are activities and services of a non-research character (which are primarily required by international providers) focused on good administrative practices, communication and dissemination of research results, and also on building soft skills of the researchers and research staff in R&D for the successful preparation, administration and coordination of international projects.

We always adapt the spectrum of these activities to the needs of a particular project and client, so this is only a tentative list:

  • Processing of documents for tenders executed within and beyond the requirements of public procurement law. Providing complete documentation of the tender process and supervision of the implementation of formalities of the selection process.
  • Draft of the text of Consortium agreement and moderation of discussion of its content until its successful signature by all parties involved. Analysis of other legal documents related to project implementation.
  • Preparation and implementation of a publicity plan and implementation of its measures in relation to other activities of the project – designing and ensuring of a functional project website, processing of promotional and informational materials and technical and organisational ensuring of promotional events and seminars within the project.
  • Processing of dissemination plan and other uses of the project results, technological marketing and preparation of strategies for the protection of technological know-how, including direct client support for the implementation of a proposed strategy and subsequent transfer of technology into practice.
  • Ensuring specialized training of so-called soft skills of researchers (scientific writing, presentation of scientific results, management of research projects, preparation of international competitive project proposal) and competences of administrative staff of our clients (financial management of EU funded projects, reporting and financial control of EU projects, rules for supplier selection beyond the public procurement law, project monitoring and reporting to providers, personal costs in projects, etc.).
  • Processing analytical studies in research, development and innovation, preparating public policy documents aimed at research and development policy in the Czech Republic, supporting the development of position papers and preparing lobbying strategies for research and development organizations.